Effects Of Drugs In High School

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The affects of Drugs in high school?
Have you ever been vulnerable to drugs while you were in high school? High students are influenced by many factors, which lead them into the habit of using illegal drugs. There have been a number of research studies that shows drug use by teenager’s results in bad school performance. Peer pressure, no sense of belongingness within the social system, and family situations/experience can be three different factors that impact student drug use. Why high school students are more vulnerable to doing drugs, which can ultimately lead to bad performance in high school. High school students are more vulnerable to drugs because of their peers and family situations. Peer pressure forces people to over come obstacles
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Peer pressure isnt good because they will do something that can hurt them selves or maybe even hurt someone else posibly can turn deadly. Peer pressure needs to stop so that way teenagers, adults, and kids can succeed in life and set life goals and acoplish them and also to get good grades for their future in life and …show more content…
No sense of belongingness means that the person feels like they are not meant for the world and they feel worthless. Things that can make you feel like you have no sense of belongingness is depression, getting bullied, and having medical issues. No sense of belongingness leads to depression and depression The Contributors to “Deppression and Addiction,” says “depression is all too often a gateway into drug and alcohal use” (DualDIAGNOSIS.org). This means that a lot of people deal with depression and its like they are going to do drugs. They can end hurting them selfves and they can do self harm if they are not treated on time. In this case drugs should not be a gate way from depression they need to seek help, they need to talk to some one about the problems this will also lead to bad grades because it will soon lead to

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