Essay about Effects Of Driving Down The Road

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According to Michelin and the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile, more than 50% of U.S. teens don 't know how to change a flat tire ("More than 50% of U.S. Teens.”). It is necessary for teens to learn how in case a flat would occur while they are driving. When driving down the road, one will start to feel the car start pull to one side and then they will feel the dreaded sound of the tire going flat. So they would pull over and realize they do not know how to change a tire. One will go to the trunk to grab their spare tire, jack, and wrench. Changing a tire is a basic necessity that anyone who is driving will need to know. In order to change a tire, they will need to know basic knowledge of the proper way to place a jack, how to take the tire off, and then putting the spare tire on. According to the San Diego Police Department, the first step to changing a tire is to find a safe place to pull over, preferably someplace that is flat. If ones car is not flat during this step, then one will have a greater chance of ruining ones jack by bending it. If ones car is raised on a hill, gravity will cause ones car to either go forward or backward, depending the way the hill goes, causing ones jack to bend. After that is done, one will have to turn on their hazards to let other vehicles know they need to move over. In an automatic car, one will want to shut it off before starting. With a manual, however, someone will want to leave their car in gear and apply the parking brake.…

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