Effects Of Divorce On Children 's Growth Essay

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Parents always have significant effect on their children’s growth so they have responsibility to show proper and appropriate attitudes, behaviors, and habits to their children. As the freedom of individual rise for one’s happiness, chances of getting divorced are also increasing. Interest fact in divorce progress is that parents do not consider much about consequences which divorce will bring to their children. Separation of parents provide absolutely different environment to their children. This sudden change in environment cause children to act, behave, and speak incongruously. A lot of scholars and divorce specialists have been researching about the impacts of divorce on children’s growth as the divorce rate goes higher. Some of those people argue that divorce does not always have negative effect on children. However majority of scholars and divorce specialists claim that divorce impact children unfavorably. If divorce have had positive impacts on children’s growth, there should be less interest about impact of divorce on children’s growth but the concern go only higher as children of divorce act abnormally. According to many researches we can clearly see that it affects children to have unhealthy and destructive attitude. This paper will present how children are affected from their separation of parents. Most children who had gone through separation of their parents often give up on their school work. Therefore they likely have less income jobs and poor economic…

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