Effects Of Divorce On Children And Teens Essay

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Studies indicate that 50 percent of marriages here in America will end in divorce. Financial difficulties, lack of communication and infidelity are some of the leading causes of and ending marriage. Many people focus solely on the effects that divorce has on children and teens, but what about their parents? What is life like after divorce, how does divorce affect a splitting couple and what caused it?

According to a survey done from August 1st through August 29th of 2013, CFDA studies show that 22% of marriages fail because of financial difficulty. This often stems from someone in the marriage spending too much or simply because there is no financial compatibility or balance. Being too careless with money as well as penny pinching can take a toll on the life span of a marriage. It causes friction and a feeling of uneasiness because both parties have a different view on how money should be spent or saved. Another leading cause of divorce is the lack of communication in a marriage. YourTango.com studies have indicated that 65% of marriages end in divorce; after polling 100 mental health experts. 70% stated that during the survey they realized that men claimed that nagging and complaining was the reason of conflict in their marriage. While 83% of the women they polled claimed that the lack of validation they received from their spouses on their feelings and beliefs was the main reason of conflict in their marriage.

Infidelity also plays a huge role in the cause of…

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