Diversity In College

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Diversity on a college campus means different things. One of the things it means in college is that a variety of people and experiences to which college students tend to be exposed to while in college. During your years at a university, you probably came across the term diversity more than you can count. I know that I have heard word diversity a lot in my college life. Diversity does affect the college experience, I think going to a diverse school is a good thing because it helps the college experience by surrounding yourself with a different mix of people with different backgrounds and different interests that will educate you and allow you to meet people you may not have met. Diversity does affect the college experience by the self- awareness, prepares for future career success, and mechanism of attraction. Diversity increases self-awareness. When learning from someone whose backgrounds and experiences different from your own sharpen your …show more content…
As a result, getting to know those who have a different background from you help you become more prepare after college. Being more prepared after college means entering a diversity workplace that prepares students for future career success. performance in today's diverse workforce requires sensitivity to human differences and the ability to relate to people from different cultural backgrounds. According to Nicholas A. Bowman the author of” Promoting Participation in a Diverse Democracy: A Meta-Analysis of College Diversity Experiences and Civic Engagement” stated” In recent years, American colleges and universities have seen greater diversity among their undergraduate students and greater civic interest and action among these students.” (Bowman 29). Basically, what Bowman is saying how diversity is helping students to learn more about cultures and background for when they enter the workplace they can be

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