Effects Of Discrimination In Society Today

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Why does discrimination occur in society today? Discrimination is the act of denying rights, equitable treatment, or access to facilities to an individual or group of people because of their defining characteristics. The belief that certain groups of individuals are better than others drives the existence of discrimination in society today. The image of discrimination most people have is inequalities within minority groups, however that is not the only type of discrimination occurring in society. Gender, employment, and racial are some of the various types of discrimination that occur within our society. Most people have come across some type of discrimination within their lifetime, whether it happened to them or someone they know. Certain …show more content…
Many employees in America have found themselves discriminated against in the workplace, even dating back to the early 1900’s. The West Virginia mine wars of 1920-1921, resulted from the mistreatment occurring between employers and employees. The operators of the mines treated the miners badly and were stubborn in regards to the rights of the miners. They used violent intimidation tactics to enforce company policies throughout the camps, creating tension between the miners and operators. Kettle Bottom offers a depiction of just how badly the coalmine operators mistreated miners and their families. The poem “David,” describes some of the discrimination miners and their families faced:” When the train stops, they give Papa not a chisel, but a shovel. He shakes his head, no, no, no — but already we owe for the train” (Fisher 82). Many immigrants worked in the mines of West Virginia and they were mistreated due to their ethnic background. These immigrants migrated to America to seek freedom and greater economic opportunities, however in reality they faced employment discrimination because of their ethnicity. The mine guards mistreated the immigrant workers, making them feel they owe for the train and must work in order to repay them. They did not have a say in what type of work they wanted to do, instead they had to work long hours in unsafe conditions, receiving low pay. Many immigrant workers died as a result of the dangerous work conditions the mine guards forced them to work in. Immigrants were not the only group to be mistreated in the workplace, racial groups were mistreated as well. Employment discrimination continued in America into the 1960’s. In the South, African Americans found themselves receiving unfair treatment by their employers. African American women worked as maids in white households of Mississippi. The African

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