Essay on Effects Of Depression On The Mind

2395 Words Dec 16th, 2016 10 Pages
If you lived in a world where you had absolutely no control over anything but it was perfect, would you go insane? You’d become unhappy. This would eventually lead to sadness that would deepen into depression. Depression can also lead into insanity. A world of perfection, paradise, Nirvana, doesn’t exist seeing as every person has a distinct paradise in mind. Within every perfection, there is a flaw making the perfect society imaginary. Every human being is able to possess a dark twisted mind. A single thought that could change a very sane person into a psychotic person. Every single person has the capability and room to become insane and depressed, but what happens when the sadness turning into a deep depression that makes one go completely mad and crazed. All of these damaged people have gone mad and traveled into an alternate reality because of one of many reasons sadness. Every character had lost a loved one or something that they had cherished deeply a child, sibling, parents, friend, significant other, etc. Every characters is tied together because of their insanity each beginning with their long road into depression and isolation “A Rose for Emily, The Raven, The Rats in the Walls, and A Jury of Her Peers” in all of these stories, all of our main character had something ripped away from them. They all witnessed the tragedy and eventually lost all sense of reality and went completely mad. [Emily went crazy, she lost everything making her drown in a pool of depression…

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