Effects Of Depression During The Adolescent Years Essay

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Depression during the adolescent years is becoming very common in this day and age. “It’s an unsettling time, with the many physical, emotional, psychological, and social changes that accompany this stage of life.” (“Depression”) Teenage years have and always will be difficult, but studies have shown that the rate of depression has increased. Studies have shown that one in five teens suffer from depression. There are ways to cope throughout the difficult times, for example making new friends. Being surrounded by positive people who encourage you at your darkest can make a world of difference. Participating in groups will help you meet people with the same interests and make you feel accepted. Most importantly asking for help. While it can be scary, it is very needed to overcome depression or any other kind of mental illness. Treatment for depression involves a mix of medicine and therapy. Therapy can be a long process of opening up but once you do it makes you realize all of the factors that have brought you to where you are today then discovering coping skills that fit and help you specifically. Medicine might have to be a lifetime ordeal. There are some chemical imbalances in your brain that can’t be controlled by yourself or just treatment alone.

At one point during the documentary The Road Back a fellow teen of one who is having a breakdown is trying to encourage the other. He states; “No one 's perfect. What kind of life would it be if it was like oh hey I just married…

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