Effects Of Deforestation On The Environment Essay

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The world is beautiful, colorful, enlightening, and can possibly even be relaxing. With deforestation comes tragedy, if the earth continues to be treated like this, it won’t be as beautiful as it used to be. Economic benefits, roads, and agricultural uses, are reasons why deforestation continues. Loss of habitat, ruining indigenous peoples homes and their needs, and the effect on earth, are devastating things that come with deforestation. Even though deforestation may have profited, it can be very damaging.
Economic benefits are shown throughout deforestation. “When land is empty more businesses get built and roads get made to help the economy” (17). Along with that, Amazon deforestation can help with the economy and can also help people who aren’t doing too well to get them on their feet (Pros). “ Further deforestation is necessary to prevent economic collapse in the region’s rural communities” (Issit and Warhol 1). Along with how much the Amazon forest offers, there are considered to be lots of economic benefits at any part of the country (17). “The sole benefit of deforestation is that it helps sustain rural communities living near rainforests” (Issit and Warhol 1). Not to mention, an important part of deforestation is that is can help increase the economy, which can help majorly in developing countries (Pros). Economic benefits might be a good part of deforestation, but there is also many terrible things behind it.
Roads are a crucial part of deforestation, it can both…

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