Dangerous Drugs In Schools Essay

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Dangerous drugs can and are serious problems in our society, it has a multitude of devastating ramifications. Drugs such as, heroin and cocaine has reached communities all across this nation and the effects of these drugs has touched all walks of life. These drugs used by high school students can be particularly devastating because of their youth. The effects of drug use by these students can have short term effects but in many cases the effects are long term. The many effects cause by heroin and other dangerous drugs used by high school student, such as addiction, dropping out of school, and family turmoil. Many high school students using dangerous drugs, lack the foresight to understand that these drugs have devastating consequences …show more content…
the introduction of drugs into a student’s life can have a destructive effect on the healthy structure of a family. A high school student using heroin and other drugs will quickly erode the trust that family members have in the students. The students lose the trust of his family members through his actions, such as, lying, stealing and covering up his misdeeds. Because of the suspicion always surrounds them. Whenever something comes up missing in the household, the student is inevitably suspected. The students drug use leads most family members to take a hardened stance against the high schooler. Some family members may have the capacity to understand, other family members may lack the compassion to care. With members of the family divided over the issue of drug by the students, a splintering effect amongst family may occur. The division in the family because of the student’s drugs use, may be divide the family never recuperates from. Family members will resort to most anything to get the students off of drugs. Intervention, rehabilitation and other proven methods, will lead family members to implore the student to get clean. There will be other family members willing to let the students hit rock bottom in order to force the student to get clean. The effects of the high school students drug use, on the family structure, in some cases, may never

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