Effects Of Cultural Conservativeness In Pakistan Essay

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1. Cultural conservativeness:
Socio- cultural factors have deep influence on the rate of economic development. People’s attitudes, habits, customs and cultural patterns also effects development. These things determine their thinking about work, saving, consumption and family planning. If these factors are favorable in a country, it can develop rapidly. Caste system, nepotism, corruption, ignorance, superstitions are the things which retard development. It is one of the biggest hindrances and creating a lot of problems in Pakistan. Majority of population resist change. Moreover they don’t go for new machinery.

2. Wrong interpretation of religion:
Wrong interpretation of religion hinders progress and development. Muslims have spoiled their
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They have poor health, inadequate housing and lack of education. Most people in our country don’t value education. They don’t go for science and technology which can contribute to the progress of Pakistan. Moreover economic backwardness of the people results in low labor efficiency, less mobility and lack of specialization in occupations. Due to the caste system, people stick to the occupations of their parents even though better opportunities may exist elsewhere. People are illiterate, arrogant and conservative who resist new ideas. Child labor is widespread. Status of women is inferior. It has ruined our pace and …show more content…
People in Pakistan are living without basic infrastructure and facilities. They don’t have access to basic health, education, roads etc. Pakistan is deficient in energy resources of oil, gas and electricity. If people think dynamically for themselves they migrate to urban areas where means of transportation, roads and markets are available to them. They can also get rid of poverty by developing their rural areas.

7. Underutilization of natural and human resources:
Underdeveloped economy like Pakistan is not deficient in natural resources. Only their resources remain either unutilized or under-utilized. For example, the whole of Pakistan’s cultivable land is not under use; mineral wealth is not fully exploited and water resources are still under-utilized. People of our country don’t have necessary will, skills and technical knowledge to use all these natural resources. Because of poor quality of human resources, they produce a limited quantity of output and as a result it ruins the progress and development.


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