Crime In Society: The Black Lives Matter Movement

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Crime in Society
Crime has a big impact and can affect peoples daily lives. People see crime happen all of the time. When people turn on the news, there is usually a crime segment advertising all of the crime that is happening in the world or just in the area it is broadcasting from. There are many different types of crimes, such as street crime and white collar crime. One of the more common crimes in the United States is street crime. Street crime is usually associated with poverty, gangs, and violence and is committed in public (Conley, 213). The Black Lives Matter movement in today 's society has led to more violence and hate within the country. Members of the movement claim to riot because of police brutality and inequality. The Black
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Many of them feel that police officers are out to get them or that people are hating them. Police brutality has become a common thing advertised in the media. The black community decided to create a group called Black Lives Matter. The Black Lives Matter movement has become popular in the United States, but it has divided the country. Many people do support the movement, but there are others that believe that the movement should be about all lives matter. African Americans and the movement have recently been getting a lot of hate and controversy over this movement.
The Black Lives Matter movement evolved after the Trayvon Martin case in 2013 (Gordon Marino, 2015). The movement was created to fight against police brutality. Some African Americans believe that they are being target by white policemen, while other people disagree with statement (Gordon Marino, 2015). Jay Stalien is one person who does not agree with this movement. He states that most crime that he sees, as a police officer, is black on black crime (Mitchell Shaw, 2016). During his research he also discovered that black on black killing is forty times more likely than a police officer on black killing (Mitchell Shaw, 2016). Stalien believes that the movement is endangering other black lives (Mitchell Shaw, 2016). He states that that some people in the Black Lives Matter movement do not miss the chance to
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Statistics also show that between the years of 1980 and 2008, 93% of black murders were committed by another black individual (Mitchell Shaw, 2016). Many African Americans are also born into families with single mothers, about 75%. Most of these children will never meet their fathers (Mitchell Shaw, 2016). The Black Lives Matter movement has a lot of potential to make a difference in the community, but decided to use the movement to wage a war against the police officers (Mitchell Shaw, 2016). A man named Jesse Peterson believes that the moment is worse that the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) because it teaches hate and kills the souls of the black community (Mitchell

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