Effects Of Concussions On Young Athletes Essay

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The main issue I have when it comes to preparing for a play is not being well educated. In my research for the best way to prevent concussions, many athletes lack the proper knowledge to lower their risk of a head injury, or are not aware of the symptoms. It’s important to my profession, as a future physical therapist because experiencing a concussion is a life traumatic event. In the long run patients with concussions had balance problems, fine motor skills and it’s a physical therapist’s job to help them get back to their normal range of motion. Functional activities for these patients can be very difficult and having the proper help will get them back to do daily living activities with ease. I believe with research and valid information I can find the best way to lower the risk of concussions. I want to focus on young athletes in high school and college and see what these athletes experience as they play in the field from concussions. The three articles I used all used databases to collect information regarding the amount of head injuries in these athletes. Also conducted a survey that asked the athletes of any symptoms from a head injury and one article focused on a program called 5 E model to prevent concussions.

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The participants who volunteered are athletes who experienced head injuries. Kaut (2003) evaluated 461 athletes while Gassel et al. (2007) studied athletes from 100 high schools and 180 colleges. Lo and Bess (2014) did research…

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