Essay on Effects Of Concussions On The National Football League

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Since the 1930’s scientists have found that concussions in football are a growing concern. There were recommendations saying,“concussed players need to receive rest and constant supervision, and not be allowed to play or practice until symptoms have been gone for 48 hours. For symptoms lasting longer than 48 hours, it recommends players "not be permitted to compete for 21 days or longer, if at all”( Petchesky 2013). Later in the 1970’s the term “Second Impact Syndrome” is officially identified as a term. Second Impact Syndrome is the occurrence of “ an athlete receives a concussion while still suffering the effects of a previous one…” and “...Those who do survive second impact syndrome are neurologically devastated”( Petchesky 2013). It is not until 1994 that the National Football League finally acknowledges the danger that concussions (Petchesky 2013). Recently in 2005 there was a survey sent to retired NFL players, it found that a history of concussions made a player five times more likely to suffer from some kind of cognitive impairment (Petchesky 2013). In this same year Terrance Luther Long a former player,”with his world in disarray drank anti-freeze and died. During the postmortem, Long was found to have Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy”, also known as CTE (Culverhouse 2012). Although there have been many changes to the sport of football over the years, it is beginning to form into an epidemic. It wasn 't until 2009 that the NFL recognized the effects of head…

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