Effects Of Concussions On The National Football Essay

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One major issue in sports and society today is concussions; between 2009 and 2015, all 50 states and the District of Columbia passed laws to address traumatic brain injury. The issue of concussions is a never-ending controversy, there has been much done throughout the nation in state legislatures, and everyone ranging for the National Football League (NFL) to Pee Wee football is involved. The problem began in 2010 when lawsuits against the National Football League started to come about and the issue has yet to be solved. 40,000 former football players have filed lawsuits alleging that the National Football League failed to protect them from long term health consequences of concussions (Nordqvist, 2016). “The Silent Epidemic” is a phrase that has been allocated to concussions because the effects are not directly visible. Over the last decades, this epidemic has been affecting athletes in all contact sports. Post-concussion syndrome is a very common issue that people often experience after the concussion arises. It causes cognitive and emotional problems, such as headaches, dizziness, difficulty concentration or completing tasks, and difficulty making decisions and processing a lot of information. All of these symptoms can make daily life more difficult, both in personal relationships and motor development. Post-concussion syndrome effects motor development because the damage done to the brain ultimately effects all the movements the body makes. Those who endure concussions…

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