The Role Of Colonization In America

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People whom traveled in Maryland and Virginia would surprised that lots of historical cities is kept almost the same appearance of the past time when English colonize America. Pictures and introductions in the museum told show the labor work of slavers at that time about doing arduous work like tool making and tobacco farming. The enticement of potential profits and the power increasing of European countries attracted them to expand its colonization in the mid-1400s. Colonization made the labor became high demanded and became the main reason causing the African enslavement. In the late 1600s, millions of racially based slavery, especially African slaveries sent to North America. According to the book, “Laws passed in the 1660s had formally …show more content…
Until 1698, Royal Africa Company monopoly the slaves trade market with English colonies. The labor import from Africa became more and more frequently, and a small society system formed in the Chesapeake area, which simply included landowners, poor white labors, and African slaves. However, planters were still afraid of rebellions on the part of poor and black servants. According to the book, slaves from African interior had a contract about language and commerce of the Atlantic system, which means newly imported slaves did not speak English, and planters pick slaves from different interior tribes, which may even feuding with each other. (Clark, Hewitt, Brown, & Jaffee, 2008, p. 81-82) The common language of English for white men made it easier for them to manage slaveries. However, blacks from different regions of Africa had their own language, which existed the barrier for them to fought back or …show more content…
Black people create their own culture, but the laws separated slavery, indentured servitude, and free labor by race, they still did not free. On the other hand, rebellions occurred because of labor’s dissatisfaction of their master and law. However, the consequence of the rebellion especially Bacon’s Rebellion, which not only increased the racial tension between black labor and white planters, but also pushed governors to strengthen the law with more restriction. The world of European slavery would be destroyed in the end, because Racial discrimination and the trade of labor legally and formally which is a legal

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