Effects Of Chronic Sleep Loss On Collegiate Basketball Players

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You have are invited to participate in this research study. Below is the information about the study for you to make an informed decision when deciding to participate. If there are any further question, please feel free to contact any of the investigators listed below at any time. Purpose of Study
In this study, we hope to investigate the effects that chronic sleep loss can have on collegiate basketball players, both on sprint and shooting performance and reaction times, and how these effects can change their playing performance.
Subject selection
You have been selected as a possible participant in this study because you are a female in a Division II college who is currently on a varsity level basketball team. If you decide to participate, you will be asked to fill out a health questionnaire. You may be unable to participate if you have any health risks found on the questionnaire.
Exclusion Criteria
You will not be allowed to participate if you have existing injuries that prevented you from regular practice or games. Also if you have a history of a sleep or psychiatric disorder, take medications with sleep related side effects, or have illicit drug use.
Explanation of Procedures
If you decide to participate in this study, the following procedures will occur during your contribution:
1. You will fill out a screening questionnaire to assess health status and if you are eligible for the experiment.
2. After being approved to participate in the study, you will be fitted with…

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