Effects Of Childhood Obesity

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A. Introduction
Childhood obesity is a health issue American’s are becoming all too familiar with. Nearly one in three children ages 2-19 are overweight or obese. Childhood obesity has nearly tripled in American children and adolescents since 1980 and it is becoming a major concern. Research has suggested that it is only going to continue to rise. There is no single reason for this rise in children being over weight, but there are a number of contributing factors; television and media, marketing of unhealthy foods, limited access to healthy and affordable foods, lack of daily physical activity, increased portion sizes, and higher consumption of sugary beverages. (Alliance For a Healthier Generation, 2016) Knowing the effects it has on children
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There have been correlations associated with birth weight and weight later on in life. There is strong evidence that childhood obesity will lead to obesity in adulthood. Maternal obesity, glycaemia during pregnancy and gestational weight gain all lead to metabolic disorders and are associated with obesity in offspring. (Lakshman, 2012) Health care providers and parents should understand how to prevent childhood obesity. Getting a child outside to play for an hour every day, it sounds like a lot but if they are doing something they love, it will go so fast and can be so beneficial. And not feeding them sugary drinks is also important. There was a recent study done that showed the amount of sugary drinks a child consumes equates to an additional meal every day. That is a lot of extra calories that could easily be …show more content…
With early prevention and encouraging healthy eating habits, removing calorie-rich temptations, helping kids get active and stay active, childhood obesity can be avoided. Balance is key in helping a child maintain weight. When they maintain their weight their self-esteem is boosted along with everything else. They will overall be a happier child. Parents need to talk and work with their health care provider before any steps should be taken. Parents also need to work with their kids and make sure that they stay actively involved. Sitting down for home cooked meals and putting them in after school activities can all help to prevent childhood

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