Effects Of Child Labor Breaks Laws On The United States Essay

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In February 2016 long overdue legislation was passed to close a loophole in the trade laws. The 1930 Tariff Act barred imported goods that were made, in some part, with child labor; the loophole was the exception that if the product was needed to meet US consumer demands, the product could be imported. This Tariff Act gave US Customs and Border Patrol the authority to seize shipments that child labor was suspected in and could block further imports. This Act was last enforced in the year 2000 and had only been used 39 times (Chen, 2/23/2016). This seems to be an aristocratic point of view that if citizens of the United States really liked a product and there was a high demand for it, then it was considered reasons enough to use child labor to produce it. The new legislation is a step forward in fighting against child labor. Child labor breaks laws, robs children of their childhood, keeps children from getting an education to better themselves, puts them at risk for physical and mental disorders, as well as possible abuse situations; all items produced by child labor should not be imported and sold in the USA.
Child labor is part of American history. With time, laws were passed and enforced to abolish child labor in order to protect children from child labor in the United States. Many Americans do not give a thought to child labor and how the goods that they are purchasing may have been made by child labor. They believe that the laws on the books protect children globally.…

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