Effects Of Character Education

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Character education has been shown to be effective in helping with behavior and academic success of students in schools. Studies have been done on various character education programs to determine the effectiveness of those programs in teaching students character, which decreasing behavior referals, major incidents at school, which also then increases learning. “Schools that have implemented character education programs have reported varying results (Stedje, 2010). Overall, the schools that spent more time and money implementing a character education program had more significant results than the schools who implemented their programs to a lesser degree.” Based on this, schools who use these character education programs with fidelity have shown more success with it’s implementation then those who didn’t. …show more content…
“Many schools that have implemented character education programs have experienced significant improvements in the areas of academics, behaviors, and school culture (Benninga, Berkowitz, Kuehn, & Smith, 2006; Character Education Partnership, 2010). They have noticed students exhibiting more positive behaviors (cooperation, respect, and compassion) and less negative behaviors (violence, disrespect, insensitivity). The atmosphere of a character education school exemplifies caring and respect amongst students, teachers, administrators, and staff.” This is showing that these program are effective in many ways, the ways in which many schools state they are struggling to reach their students and gain the success that they need. Spending time on character education helps increase learning and cooperation, which increases the school’s

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