Effects Of Caste System In Nepal

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The caste system is a social structure that is determined by birth. A caste system isolates the social groups into different ranks and categories. That means in a society if a person is poor he is going to be poorer, same as in rich person because social status is determined by the caste system. In Nepal, the caste system appeared in the ancient era. Sanskrit creed describes that the caste system has been in practice through ‘Second millennium BC’ (Gellner, D. N. 2007) that divides the social groups based on Hinduism and feudalism.
Caste system was active until 1950 but Government of Nepal officially announced that caste system was illegal in Nepal in 1962. Because of the Hindu subjugated law until 1990 it was vigorous in the society but
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The caste system is a religious part (based on Hinduism) so it encourages their own clan. The marital role in society (endogamy) plays to increase the inequality in the society. Mass media and communication manipulates the outsource rumor through their own caste groups. Upper caste people have easy access to take transportation, finance, school and technology to spread the feeling of the caste system into the society. The impact of the caste system on society is severe and harsh. It is ruining individual to the whole …show more content…
Caste system ascertains a threat to social order, stability, peace and harmony in the society. It is the responsible for tradition-bound, conservative, and conformist thinking of a society that fetches barrier of the women empowerment in the society. The practice also divides society into many segments. It may grow conflicts in the different groups and bring the growth of nationalism movement. The caste system is the result of political disunity. In Nepal, it indirectly has become the cause of corruption. Higher caste groups hold the power and monopolize the sources that are why around 80% people are out of good opportunity and education. In my country, it has become the hindrance in getting the social mobility. Some time caste system guides the religious conversions that mean the low population caste groups may be

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