Essay on Effects Of Cannabis On America, Positive And Negative

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The effect that Cannabis had on America, Positive and Negative

Cannabis is a controversial topic that has plagued America for years whether it is good or bad, legal or nonlegal. Many of America’s biggest problems and some of it’s greatest achievements has been from this mysterious plant.

A little bit of background on Cannabis is that is more commonly known as Marijuana or Weed and is used recreationally as a psychoactive drug or in the medical field as a pain relieving drug, and sometimes used for religion. It causes many side effects such as heightened mood, relaxation, increase in hunger, loss of short-term memory, cottonmouth, and paranoia.

In the early 1800’s, when America was just beginning, the production of hemp was encouraged because it helped create things like rope, sails, and clothing. In 1619, the Virginia Assembly passed legislation that every farmer had to grow hemp and it was allowed to be traded between Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. Production rates roared until the Civil War when imports and other materials replaced those of hemp products. In the 1900’s, marijuana, or weed, became a new popular ingredient in the medical field and was openly sold in pharmacies. In 1906, the Pure Food and Drug Act was passed requiring anything containing cannabis to be labeled on over the counter products.

In 1910, after the Mexican Revolution, Mexican immigrants flooded to the United States introducing America to the recreational use of marijuana and from that…

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