Effects Of Cancer On The Blood Testing Of Tumor Development Essay

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Everything about china is big, including its cancer problem. In wealthier cities like Beijing, cancer is believed to be the most frequent killer.
Today I will discuss the benefits of liquid biopsies in the blood testing of tumour development. Liquid biopsy is basically a liquid biomarker that results in blood tests that detect cancer cells or DNA that tumours shed into the blood. The three benefits of liquid biopsies in the blood testing of tumour development that I will discuss about is the early response of the detection on the tumour, effect on the non invasive procedure, and last, understanding what molecular changes are happening to the tumour in real time.

To begin, I will discuss about the benefits of early response in liquid biopsies. Cancer is the second-leading cause of death in the United States, after heart disease.
Veena Singh, M.D., states that “We believe our liquid biopsy approach will save healthcare dollars and, more importantly, provide information to physicians to qualify more patients for targeted therapies that can result in saving and extending lives.”

B. Early detection is the holy grail of cancer research and any effort to enhance detection of cancer at an early stage is always more than welcome.
On May 11, 2015 an article from U.S News & World News, Marilynn Marchione, quotes patient, stating, "Had this test not been available, we may not have known I had cancer on my spine until symptoms showed up, which may have been too late for…

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