Effects Of Cancer And Its Effects On Society Essay

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An estimated 1,665,540 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in the last year as of January of 2014. (Seigal, Ma, Zou, & Jemal, 2014). The diagnosis of cancer is a life altering incident that can have a variety of contradicting effects. Through studies you can view the physical and psychological effects cancer can have on an individual. These are usually negative. However, some positive psychological affects can be found. Associated with the effects on the patient you can find a variety of mental and emotional effects diagnosis can have on the family members. In addition, there are financial issues that the family must face, not only during treatment, but for years after as well. While seeing the statistics and effects cancer can have on an individual you will also come to an understanding of how it has affected my life and family. The diversity of effects that cancer can have on individuals, families, finances, and holistic health is a scary thing to asses. However, gaining knowledge about these effects can help gain a general understanding of how that me, and many others, became the people we are today.
It is easy to view the physical effects of cancer. These can range anywhere from scars, weight loss, to hair loss. Those physical effects can be easily paralleled with the psychological effects they will be faced with. After treatment many feel socially removed, like they don’t fit in, are looked at differently and even pitied (Zebrack & Landier, 2011). Psychological…

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