Essay about Effects Of Caffeine On Aerobic Performance

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Aaron Fonner
Effects of energy drinks caffeine on exercise
Dr. Koenig
Abstract- Children are one of the largest groups of consumers for things like sports drinks and energy drinks. But in kids caffeine is rarely used as a supplement to enhance performance.
Introduction- The purpose of this study was to observe and determine if different doses of caffeine can enhance anaerobic functions of males aged 8 to 10 years old. I hypothesized that the larger the dose of caffeine, the higher the anaerobic performance of that boy would be. There have been many other studies on a similar topic and they were inconclusive about whether or not caffeine had a major effect on anaerobic performance or not so, another purpose was to further data to make a clearer picture on the effects of caffeine on anaerobic performance.
Methods- 26 males from age eight to ten who were prepubertal, or didn’t have a deepened voice or axillary hair participated in the experiment. They had written consent from a parent or guardian to participate in the study. All 26 participants were healthy with no past medical concerns, and were active, but did not participate in any extracurricular sports. Every participant had to visit the lab five times. The first time was to fill out a questionnaires, consent forms, and to take skinfold measurements for determine body fat. They also had to do an exercise test to determine peak oxygen consumption by using the Wingate test. On visits2-5, 1 of 4 random treatment…

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