Effects Of Bullying On Children And Children Essay

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“About one in three children worldwide report having been bullied” (Bower, 1). When it comes to bullying, young students, which also happens to be the victims, are taking their lives in response to the bullying. Even though all of this is happening, there is slim to no punishment for what is happening to the young adults and children. Students are starting to feel unsafe and do not want to go to school which is causing bad long term effects on them. Bullying, to some people, is apart of growing up, but there are long term effects that come along with the victim and the bully. There is no say in how long bullying will happen, but there are some steps that can be taken to help prevent it from happening in the future.
There are many different effects that bullying can have on the victim such as on their mental health. Bower claimed, “By young adulthood there has been reported those who have been repeated bullying, experience: anxiety, depression, self-harm, and suicidal thinking” (Bower, 2). In a case that was viewed, an elementary school student was bullied a lot that he took a long time to eat lunch so he would miss recess. In this case, James, the elementary school student, was bullied to an extent that he wanted to exclude himself from everyone else. As the student grows up, he is more likely to develop depression and or other mental health problems. When someone is being bullied, there are some words and actions that are said that makes another person feel intimidated and…

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