Effects Of Black Plague On European Society

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European Society Gone Anarchy
Black Plague impacted society of Medieval through Renaissance Eras in numerous ways. Plague affected virtually the whole continent of Europe within only five years. Living during these eras was genuinely difficult due to lack of medicine, sanitation, along with proper food storage. Medieval medicine was minimal, making any disease non-curable. Many people died from this killer disease, survivors had to find a way to live without getting this virus as well as living without their loved ones. Society during as well as after Black Plague impacted Europe tremendously in both a positive along-with a negative manner -thus changing the way citizens lived.
Black Plague was first found in Europe in 1348 when soldiers
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France and England were already experiencing economic hardships because they were at war with each other. Black Death impacted war because all of warriors and soldiers were dying. “The Hundred Year’s War was suspended in 1348…” (Knox). This proves that silent killer impacted society in a tremendous ways during this time period. Therefore this killer virus would not only affect a country’s economy, it also affected ways that a country would trade. Silk Road was a major way of transporting goods from one country to another, but because of virus, hence Silk Road was impacted. “The Black Plague is carried west along the Silk Road…” (Cefrey 8). Hence that a certain country could not trade with another in fear of bringing bubonic plague along with travelers, countries could not grow and develop. Countries could not trade with one another thus meaning that if a country needed food because theirs was contaminated or gone, they could not ask or go to another country and get food. This affected society because now people were dying for two reasons: plague and starvation. Many people blamed God for outbreak of Black Plague. Catholic Church was also blamed because priests could not find any answers to why this outbreak was occurring. “On June 2, 1348, all civil courts were recessed by the city council” (Mee 22). Church and state law were joined together during this time meaning that because Church’s were no longer operating, neither were laws. This meant that no European citizen were obeying laws because of fact that people were not obeying laws it made Europe even more chaotic, which in return, affected society. Plague did not just affect individuals of Europe in a negative manner; it also affected them in a positive

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