Effects Of Binge Drinking On School Students Essay examples

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Binge Drinking is a problem that is present in most, if not all colleges and universities. A late night of partying and drinking may sound safe at first, but the effects of such heavy drinking are dangerous. The consequences are often glanced at, but are not considered when the bottle takes over. College students who drink many drinks within a small period of time, often overlook what can happen from the binge drinking session. Serious effects of binge drinking are: poor academic performance, health issues such as liver failure, as well as crime.
As the bottle becomes more important than being successful, academic performance among binge drinking college students declines. According to a study from Penn State, “Students who had not abused alcohol during the two-week period held an average GPA of 3.19; for those who had one occurrence of binge drinking, the average GPA was 3.11” (“Study: Inverse Relationship between Alcohol Abuse and College GPA | Penn State University.”). According to the same study, “only 5 percent of the students had sought prior treatment for alcohol and drug use,” but the other 95 percent did not seek any sort of treatment. According to the 2011 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 25.1% of underage individuals had consumed alcohol within the previous month, while 15.8% were considered as binge drinkers (McBride). The NSDUH results also showed that 60.8% of full time college students, ages 18-22, had reported current alcohol use and 39.1% were…

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