Effects Of Banning Drinking On America Essay

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During the fourth of July many people enjoy going to baseball games with their families to celebrate. Military people get to come home sometimes during this time but those 18 years of age don’t get to drink at the games like every other “adult” can (McAloon A.11.). Some people say its “un-American,” how these military men and women that are risking their lives for us in war don’t get to do everything as they please such as drink alcohol. Our nation should understand that prohibiting young people to drink alcohol won’t work because they have already learned that prohibition was a failure during the 1900s. Psychological effects of prohibiting drinking makes doing so all the more enticing (“Why Colleges”). A man once stated that service members who are 18 and up should have an 18 drinking age because “If you sign up and go out and get shot at, you can have a shot” (Reynolds A.17). If you’re risking your lives to save millions of people you should basically be able to do anything you please except bad laws such as killing one of our own people, or stealing.
Although alcohol is a fun alternative for everyone to do it does have some negative effects on people who are under the age of 21. When young people are drinking alcohol they don’t know their limits and they could have the possibility of drinking to the point of getting alcohol poisoning (Ogilvie E.1). Alcohol poisoning is a serious consequence when drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time. Drinking too…

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