Effects Of Autism On Children And Adults Essay

1562 Words May 4th, 2016 7 Pages
In the world today, we fight many things throughout life. Disease and disabilities are at the forefront of the fight taking place. Of all of the different types of diseases and disabilities one of the most common types we see many children being born with is autism or autism spectrum disorder. It affects the lives of not only those who have it, but the people who care about them and are responsible for them as well. Since autism in children and adults leads to family problems, the treatment that people with autism are receiving should focus on the whole family of the person affected with the disorder. The leading causes are a combination of genetic and environmental factors and the number of children being affected increase each day. Autism is a neurological disorder that targets the development of a child’s mind. It is related to the genetic origins of a child, earlier approaches to diagnosing the disorder look for delays in communication and socializing with others. It does this by disrupting the normal growth process and the development of a child within a social environment. An autistic person finds it difficult to socially communicate with people and can’t relate to social norms in a way a normal person can. Autism or autistic disorder, is considered an autism spectrum disorder. The term autism spectrum disorder is used as an umbrella term for all of its subcategories. These subcategories include, autism disorder, aspergers, and pervasive developmental disorder-not…

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