The Atlantic Slave Trade

Short-term effect

As Atlantic Slave trade started, big impacts occurred in Africa, America and Europe. First of all, disease spread during the voyage back to Americas. Due to low sanitation, disease easily spread and killed lots of Africans in the ship. Second, since captured Africans were mostly man, other African women and children were left alone, which would lead to the decrease of population in Africa. Also whole West Africa was fulfilled with the fear of being captured. Some African lands were used as shelters for traders/explorers from other country. Third, African tribe (that captures other African) earned more money and gain more rare goods. Big gap was made between African’s tribes. The biggest effect occurred by Atlantic Slave
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Europe was the only one that can get finished products in cheap prices. Furthermore, as Atlantic Slave trade began, other field workers beside explorers also earned lots of money. For instance ship builders, investor, lawyers, and insurance company. Atlantic Slave trade expands the variety of business in Europe. Europe’s economy was well developed after the Atlantic slave trade. Same as in political, by the development of colony and economy, strong monarchy was maintained as well.

Impact on Americas

Disease spread after Columbus arrived, and it continued for long time, including during the period of Atlantic Slave Trade. Around 80 to 90% Native Americans died within 400 years.
Atlantic Slave Trade is also known as Triangular Trade, it trades lots of foods, goods and slaves. Traded goods are: guns, clothe, rum, tools, slaves, sugar, silk, oil, lumber, fish, and flour. These trades introduce new goods to the Americas. Also the imported slaves made the works in Americas efficient, faster and cheaper, which contributed in the development of America’s economy. Without the import and export through Americas, cultures in today’s world might be different.

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Without it, world today would not be as convenience as it is today. Culture includes its cuisine, religion, language and clothes. Christian spread as Atlantic Slave Trade started. People in Indonesia might not be Christian if this didn't take place in 3 big areas. Lots of countries have spicy cuisine. However, the cuisine would not contain any spices if there were no trading of spices during that period. Not only spices but also sugar, alcohol and rum. Also trading of clothes. Based on the pictures, during the period, there are some Africans that wore western clothing. Clothing was also included for the goods to trade with slaves. It has impacted the culture of clothing in Africa. On other aspect, Atlantic Slave Trade contributed a lot in developing countries’ economy even some are biased to European. It built the basic form of economy in its country, and as it continues the economy kept on growing, or sometime get bad influence. Nevertheless, it is a good thing to have impact on economy no matter it is positive or negative because “change” form today’s world. Looking problem from other side, European and furniture and architectures are globally famous. It is because materials were imported from America, such as lumber, woods, silk and hardwoods. Lastly, Racism matters a lot in this trade. Since European head of Christian said that Africans had no soul and were not human, discrimination

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