Essay about Effects Of Anxiety On Children 's Learning

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Parents, teachers and care providers all strive to ensure that young children have safe, secure environments in which to grow, learn and develop healthy minds and bodies. They promote experiences that nurture and foster relationships that support self-esteem and self-confidence. Separation anxiety often occurs in young children and quickly passes with age and maturity. Unfortunately, some children develop deeper anxiety disorders and this affects their ability to develop healthy relationships, enjoy peer related activities, gain self-worth and build resilience. In addition to having serious consequences for social and family life, anxiety also affects children’s learning ability. Anxiety is an intrinsic response to an apparent or perceived threat. Most of the anxiety that children and young people feel is relatively mild. Teachers need to recognise the difference between anxiety and other disorders as the symptoms often mimic other mental health issues. This can often be a hard task as teachers, in general are not trained for this kind of work, however, there are programs that can offer assistance and guidance for all concerned.

1. Introduction
Ensuring that young children have safe, secure environments in which to grow, learn, and develop healthy brains and bodies is paramount. Science indicates that early exposure to cir-cumstances that produce persistent fear and chronic anxiety in young children can have lifelong consequences by disturbing the developing…

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