Effects Of Anxiety In Young Adults

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Register to read the introduction… When a young adult has anxiety a loved one needs to come forward and tell them that they need help and they are there to support them. Depending on their type of anxiety a treatment is out there that can assist in there needs. For example, a person who has social phobia will need help being able to socialize with peers and the public. A cognitive process will need to be introduced and this will probably need to be in a group setting. This will allow the patient to become familiar with social events to over come their fear of being social in front of strangers. Also the exposure therapy is known to be effective due to the response from patients and psychologist, because it’s helping the patients be active with being social and in that environment of life (Deacon 2004). Moving forward to another example for treating a person with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). It’s similar to social phobia for the most part by the group setting and the cognitive process on allowing the person to think and solve their problems for why they have anxiety. Also a behavioral study will be conducted to watch how their past behaviors use to be and reshape them to a newer and more effective behavior for their anxiety. Also studies have shown muscle relaxation to be effective in a patients life, maybe by massages or …show more content…
Social phobias have an effect to a lot of people, to be social in a public environment takes practice and time but for some may come natural. I’ve learned while taking a speech class that I feared to be speak in front of strangers, overcoming this took a couple speeches then I finally grew into it. Generalized anxiety disorders (GAD) in young adult’s is probably the most common type of anxiety, by the way it revolves from the past to the presents. For example if a child was physically beaten while growing up he or she might have anxiety if people hug or touch this person. This disorder has taught me how awful the traumatic effects can have on somebody’s life. Being a young adult and having panic attacks can be exhausting, by the outcomes it leads to always fearing what’s going to happen next in their lives. These young adults need help and the best way is intervention. While researching this topic I learned how difficult some people have it and if I ever knew someone to have these disorders I know ill take their side and help them get through

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