Effects Of Anxiety And Low Anxiety Groups Essay

1695 Words May 6th, 2016 7 Pages
This study was investigating the diffrences in reactions to angry and neutral stimulus at 100ms, 500ms and 900ms and also if responses were faster if the probe appeared in the emotional or neutral location. It was predicted that high anxious participants would be quicker to attend to angry faces because they are threatening and so we would observe a main effect of anxiety. If anxiety is related only to certain stages of attention then we expect anxiety and presentation time to interact with high anxiety and low anxiety groups differing in some stages and not others. The second prediction is supported as anxiety and presentation time interact. There is a difference in the allocation of attention by high and low anxiety groups at some points such as 900ms, and no evidence of difference in others. At 900ms the high anxiety group are vigilant to, and the low anxiety group avoid, the threatening stimuli. We predicted that at 900ms the high anxiety would avoid and the low anxiety would be vigilant. It was found that low anxious participants were faster to respond to angry stimuli at 100ms but had a bias towards neutral faces at 500ms this could be because they had already dealt with the threatening stimuli and did not want to focus on it. Highly anxious participants avoided threatening stimuli at 100ms but focussed on it at 500ms and 900ms and found it hard to disengage. This was partly in line with our predictions as there was a faster reaction to angry stimuli and differences…

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