Effects Of Anorexia On Eating Disorders Essay

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There are many types of eating disorders, but the most common in teens are binge eating, bulimia, and anorexia. Binge eating is "characterized by uncontrollable overeating in which people devour huge amounts of food while feeling ungovernable and incapable to stop" (Smith, Segal 1). People with binge eating disorder don 't have episodes of recovery like bulimia. As a result, those who suffer under the wrath of this eating disorder put on weight very quickly and are always trying to make themselves feel better about their weight. Binge eating is a coping mechanism, whereas bulimia is a compulsion where one divulges in food then has to punish themselves by either a fasting or purging. Fasting is the main concept behind the last eating disorder, anorexia. Anorexia has the most adverse effects, due to the malnutrition caused by not eating. These disorders are the most common types caused by the media 's degrading influence. There are eating disorder specialists who still do not believe that the media can make adolescents more susceptible to eating disorders. They discuss the point of eating disorder versus disorder eating. The eating disorders mentioned above are long term, meaning that it is everyday or every meal that they overeat, starve or purge. It turns into a habitual cycle and they become obsessed with how much they lose each day. With that said, some specialists believe that disordered eating, not an eating disorder, is what most teens experience after they spend a…

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