Effects Of An Ageing Population On Hong Kong

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Extended Essay

Aaron Cheung

Research Question: What are the effects of an ageing population on Hong Kong?

Supervisor: Mr. Murchie

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Research question
What are the effects of an ageing population on Hong Kong?

For my Extended Essay, I will focus on the effects of the problem of ageing population in Hong Kong. Ageing population is a shift in the country’s or a region’s population towards older ages. This is usually reflected in an increase in the proportion of the population that is elderly. I think this topic is worthy of studying because ageing population started to create more and more problems in Hong Kong. Although ageing population is not a new problem, people still don't know what the effects of ageing population
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Those two publications have data recorded for Hong Kong and for different gender and age group. Also, there are reports for the data reporting the changes throughout the year and the population trend that the government needed to solve. Those data are important for my EE because I need real data and statistics to prove my point. The reason why I will choose Hong Kong specificity for discovering the ageing population topic is ageing population had been a problem that affect not only the government, it also affect us as students. Also, I am interested to discover how ageing population affect Hong Kong in different aspects.

The methodology of investigation of this extended essay is as follows: except I will be first study the two publication that I mentioned, I will look for data that the two publication don't have that can tell us the affect of ageing population on Hong Kong and having interviews with charities that are taking care of the elderly. For the data part, I will use the Internet or book resources to find the data, not only data that is related to ageing population, newspaper articles, books or essays about ageing population can be also helpful for my
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The catering industry, together with the retailing and tourist industry are all important source of income for Hong Kong. For this reason, the elderly population is therefore important and indispensable labor force. However, the catering industry has been dwindling so the elderly may have to find another occupation to support them and to make a living.

Until recently, owing to globalization and the cheaper labor force in mainland China, most of the elderly population either have to retire or are forced to switch occupation because manufacturing is now centered in mainland. Hong Kong has transformed into an Information Technology or knowledge-based society. Unfortunately, because of their low education level, they are not likely to participate in the Information Technology industry. Also, most of the younger generations people won’t like to work

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