Effects Of Alienation In Education

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Alienation is observed as an important phenomenon in all modern institutions. Despite having an old history;with prevalence, intensity and various forms ,alienation generally agree that there is a fundamental phenomenon of modern society. Alienation express their divergence from each of the individuals or from a particular environment in the broad sense. İnability,not to be connected internally, feelings of unfamiliarity, inability of integrate, disconnection of relations, indifference, the isolation, withdrawal, meaninglessness against something and such as feelings and behaviors are considered as indicators of alienation.
Psychologists and sociologists use alienation to indicate the change of unusual including loss of self-alienation,
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Basically a form of alienation, especially modern education in education that 'schooling' in the field as more intense . As is known school education (schooling) is both an institution and method.it can be defined training in an approved curriculum and pedagogy, a learning process that includes paid professional educators and students as a pattern consisting of a socially approved way to be given the information. Alienation in education is a form related on the context of school education and the learning process and its institutional infrastructure based on values, norms, behavior patterns, associated with social relationships and interactions .alienations in education involves a move away from knowledge, learning,increasingly these processes individual pointless to arrive, diminished interest in learning and teaching, education being increasingly boring, monotonous and unappealing event ..it has mean that they think as individual segregation and feeling of strangeness to the environment in the …show more content…
The research on teacher alienation find out that the common goals and objectives of the relevant conventions in schools is an important factor .searches reveals that conventions of the target reduces the teacher alienation.
Sidorkin (2004) emphasizes that the bureaucratic structure in schools ,intense and variable curriculum, rapidly changing technological material, crowded classes, dysfunctional and non- life the information burden ,students and teachers of the exclusion of educational decision-making process are causes of alienation at school

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