Essay about Effects Of Alcoholism On Children 's Alcohol Use Disorder

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The development of alcoholism can be attributed to social, biological, and psychological factors. Social and cultural factors may be involved in how and why Joe first began consuming alcohol. Biological factors explain the way that alcohol affects the brain thereby influencing how Joe became dependent upon alcohol. Psychological factors are an additional cause to the development of alcohol use disorder when the effects of the drug interact with the patient’s personal beliefs, attitudes and personality traits. In “Abnormal Psychology” Thomas F. Oltmanns and co-author Robert E. Emery state that the causes of alcoholism are best understood using a framework that views the problem in terms of various stages: “1) initiation and continuation, 2) escalation and transition to abuse, and 3) development of tolerance and withdrawal” (citation). This model will be used to explain the etiology of the patient’s alcohol use disorder. Social factors can be recognized as establishing Joe Clay’s drinking problem. The patient’s initial experimentation with alcohol may have been a result of the nature of his parent’s career and consequently, their absence from the home. Joe’s parents are club acts who worked late evenings. During their time away from home, Joe may have been left without adult supervision. The lack of monitoring while his parents were at work provided Joe with hours of freedom to get access to and experiment with alcohol. Furthermore, Joe’s parents work in the…

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