Effects Of Alcohol On College Campuses Essay

991 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
In today’s society the use of alcohol has become a major problem. Television commercials, billboards, and sporting events are all ways people are exposed to alcohol. But the most serious problem is the use of alcohol on college campuses. Some colleges support the use of alcohol on campus, but college students continue to take advantage of alcohol usage. The three factors which contribute to students who binge drink on college campuses are peer pressure, a relief from stress, and risk taking.
The first factor which contributes to college students binge drinking on campus is peer pressure. Peer pressure is a major problem for students, especially freshman. When students first get on campus, they want to meet new people, and will do anything to become popular. Some students may even drift away from their morals in order to feel excepted. A big place where peer pressure is present is at sporting events. These events present the opportunity, for all age levels of students to come together, and this is when the freshman want to impress others. If students can drink a lot, they will then be considered popular, and that is what most college students want. Football games are a big cause of peer pressure because of the tailgates. Also football season is in the fall which is right in the beginning of school, so all students want to impress others and show how much they can drink. Another factor that causes peer pressure is fraternities and sororities. In fraternities and sororities…

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