Effects Of Alcohol During Pregnancy On Children Essay

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When a woman is carrying a child it is her responsibility to create the most health and nurturing in-utero environment possible for that child. However, this does not always happen and some children are exposed to toxins that severely affect their development. Examples of these toxins include chemicals, drugs, alcohol, and smoking. The baby is at high risk to be affected by both environmental and physical substances; these substances are called teratogens. There are three main concepts to keep in mind when discussing teratogens. The affect the substance will have on the embryo will depend on the dosage, timing, and also the baby’s heredity. Specifically, I am going to look at the effects of alcohol in early and late pregnancy. The characteristic outcomes of alcohol use during pregnancy is called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. This disease is the most common form of non-genetic intellectual disability in the United States. Consumption of alcohol during pregnancy can have detrimental effects on the baby both physically and mentally.

Alcohol is an environmental factor that influences development throughout infancy and childhood. As many 40% of woman do not know that they are pregnant until about the fourth week of gestation, in this time period most consume alcohol if they regularly used it prior to falling pregnant (Siegler). While four weeks may not sound like a long time, from the moment of conception teratogens are able to affect the course of pregnancy. The early…

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