Essay on Effects Of Alcohol Drinking On Underage Drinking

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Effects of College Drinking/ Underage Drinking
Excessive alcohol consumption is currently common among teenagers and young adults. Unfortunately, the abuse has led to many effects that are ignored in the onset of alcohol drinking. Many underage individuals view alcohol drinking as cool or edgy, therefore making them feel like adults while consuming. They also feel that immersing themselves in alcohol will make their problems a less of a concern. They forget that it could lead to addiction, family separation, irresponsibility, and other possible effects. The context of this paper will focus on the eventuality of alcohol addiction among underage individuals and how to handle the above-mentioned problem as well. It will also concentrate on the possible outcomes if the proposal is enacted and succeeds.
Addiction is one out of the many negative effects of alcohol consumption. Alcohol becomes addictive when the ones involved are no longer able to control their urge for consumption. In other words, they are unable to go through their normal routine in life without abusing alcohol. The victim is excited by alcohol and should do whatever it takes to satisfy his or her desires. The most affected out of the U.S population are underage people, especially the teens who are always looking for new ways to make their lives exciting. Alcohol excites them but still contributes negatively to their lives. There is thus a need to curb down the excessive alcohol consumption or totally discard…

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