Essay about Effects Of Alcohol And Sports On A College Game Day

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This article was researching to find out how many alcoholic drinks were consumed by students and non-students on a college game day. Research showed that sport fans are more likely to consume more alcoholic drinks on game day than average. For the research, (Glassman et al.) sent out an anonymous survey to 1,000 students and 1,000 non-students who attended the last home game. The response rate was only 38% of the 2,000 surveys sent out. However, from the results gathered, it was shown that many who chose to drink typically drank more than normal because it was a social event. Although it was shown that 55% did not drink at all, the article also looked at ways to try to prevent binge drinking as well. This included maybe having a heavily enforced area where fans of age could drink.
This article goes hand in hand with alcohol and sports fans because it shows that sporting events cause fans to want to consume more alcoholic drinks. This article stated that alcohol and students at a college game day is dangerous and can lead to injuries if not careful. The article is a little subjective because it was only researched at one southern school, so it does not show a full range of information. However, it is still helpful since Glassman et al. state that fans are more likely to drink excessively than nonfans.
The best way I can utilize this article in my debate is to use the ideas that Glassman et al. give on ways to try and decrease the amount of…

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