Effects Of Alcohol And Drug Abuse Essay

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Alcohol and drugs have been known to have consequences, but once the use turns into abuse it can lead to grave danger. People who are abusive with are likely to have medical struggles along the way due to the damaging effects of the substance. Often disorders seem to exist with alcohol and drug abuse. Use of alcohol and drugs can turn into more than just a one time thing and can lead to addiction and abuse.
The risk of drug abuse grows substantially during a time of change. There are different factors or reasons that can lead to alcohol and drug abuse, whether you’re an adult or a teen. Reasons may include a divorce, loss of a job as an adult, while teens may do so due to moving or changing schools. Young teens and teenagers all together are exposed to abusable substances during their middle school and high school years. During this time teenager’s curiosity is at large leading to them to try new things and in some cases drugs are involved. Doing so to share the experience with a friend or thinking drugs will improve their performance, increase their focus or assist them in losing weight.
Abusers of alcohol are usually heavy drinkers who drink continuously regardless of what might happen, putting themselves in risky situations. Abuse of alcohol can lead to the dependency of it. Signs of alcohol abuse include loss of interest in work, lacking interest of friends and family, being restless or not having the ability to control their drinking. Nausea, vomiting, headaches,…

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