Effects Of Alcohol Abuse On College Campuses Essay

1245 Words May 11th, 2015 null Page
Consequences According to Wechsler & Isaac (1992), “Binge drinking is characteristic of a large proportion of college students… Binge drinking is associated with a drinking style that involved frequent consumption of large quantities of alcohol, drunkenness, drinking to get drunk, and perception of the appropriateness of heavy drinking in social situations” (p.2929). This explanation of binge drinking supports findings in the 2010 Monitoring the Future report (2010) which states that 65% of full-time college students reported drinking in the previous 30 days. Also, it indicates that about one in eight full-time college students (13%) reported having 10 or more drinks in a row at least once in the prior two weeks, and one in twenty (5%) reported 15 or more drinks in a row in the previous two weeks (2010). While alcohol abuse on college campuses is a major issue for students on all Boston-area college campuses, including Tufts University campus, the issue is not confined to campus barriers. Alcohol abuse and binge drinking are socio-economical issues that influence and impact all neighborhoods and communities within proximity to college campuses. Harms of these risky behaviors not only affect the individual who engages in them, but also on other individuals in ways such as crime, motor vehicle deaths, injuries, risky sexual behavior, and reduced productivity at work or in school (Carpenter & Dobkin, 2011). To evaluate the way consequences…

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