Effects Of Adolescent Obesity On Various Demographic Variables

1110 Words Mar 29th, 2016 null Page
Through exploration of the current literature on the impact of geriatric obesity on various demographic variables, there is very limited research done in regards to this specific cohort. Research that has been conducted does provide insight into how these variables – socioeconomic status, social relationships, employment, living conditions, and functional capacity – are influenced by obesity to a certain degree. Although not all evidence was collected from a geriatric perspective, the available data can be used to infer that correlation, as many of the factors are present throughout the life course. With regard to developed versus developing countries, one of the striking similarities that emerged within the limited research, was the fact that although both populations are made aware of the importance of proper nutrition, circumstances (especially those financial in nature) can bring about poor dietary choices. This find shows a need to rethink and create new policies and programs to alleviate food insecurity, by making sure that nutrient-dense foods are widely available.
Alarmingly, a pertinent domino effect exists when closely examining the relationship between each of these variables. Socioeconomic status being the initiating variable, every other factor depends upon an individual’s status, as that determines their role within society. As such, if stereotypes and biases continue to permeate through society, the prospect of maintaining a job as an elderly, obese…

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