Effects Of Abortion On The United States Essay

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Effects of abortion
Thesis: The government has the responsibility of protecting its citizens by burning the procurement of abortion since it brings mental illness to the victims.
1. Studies indicate that women who undergo induced abortion are more likely to have mental complications than those who carry the pregnancy to delivery.
A. The mental problems scenario tends to increase with the stage at which the abortion is done (Abbate 15).
B. Inducing abortion in the first trimester of the pregnancy, whether single or subsequent cases presents more chances of developing mental illness.
C. Procurement of abortion at this stage creates some fear that increases the likelihood of developing a mental illness related infection. In some instances, the cases can result in long-term mental conditions.
D. The American psychological association in their survey found out those severe adverse effects after a woman’s first abortion increased the risk of developing some mental problems (Abbate 17).
2. While aborting may be necessary to save the life of the mother, its long-term effects may be overlooked.
A. The 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe vs. Wade, the Court ruled that state governments might not be in a position to burn late abortion cases when it is the only opportunity of saving the life of the mother (Needle, Rachel, and Lenore 33).
B. However, this decision required further clarification to set a good precedence for the abortion laws.
C. In the scenario of Doe v Bolton, the judges…

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