Effects Of Abandonment On Social Life

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Abandonment Causes Problems in a Child's Social Life

There are 20 million kids that have been abandoned in the world, today.("Abandoned Children Struggle for Survival") You don’t know what abandonment can do to a child unless you have gone through it. It has many impacts on not only a child, but the people around them as well. The child can go into a depression and no one but the child will even notice. The child may push people away because they don’t know if they can trust them or not. An abandoned child may have to step up in their family, causing them to step down in their social life. Panic attacks often occur at random times due to feeling alone. Abandonment has a huge effect on a child’s social life growing up. When a parent abandons a child, the child senses the feeling of hopelessness and guilt. Hopelessness and guilt are causes of depression. (("Depression Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments")) Depression has a huge impact on a child's social life, most of the time they don’t even realize they have it. Depression and anxiety can make public events very
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If they have a parent that has been there most of their life, and one day they leave, they are going to be stunned and not know if they can trust anyone again. Trust issues are a major problem in an abandoned child’s life, they will often feel confused and blame themselves for the parent leaving. Anyone that comes into that child’s life the child will see as only a temporary piece and will mentally prepare themselves for that person to leave. (("What Are the Common Effects of Abandonment and Neglect to a Child?")) Another effect of abandonment is that they might develop “abandon phobism” meaning that they will avoid close relationships all together. ( ("Post Traumatic Stress Disorder of Abandonment, Part I: An Overview") ) This creates a huge problem in meeting new people and creating close bonds with friends and

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