Essay on Effectiveness Of Weight Loss Management

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Fitness programs have also been used as a strategy among African American women to decrease the risks of chronic disease such as obesity. Studies show that exercise can play a significant role in preventing diseases and chronic conditions, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, arthritis (Manage A Chronic Disease, 2015). Weight loss management interventions have been implemented to help this population of women to control these conditions. Sbrocco, Osborn, Clark, Hsiao & Carter (2012) expressed that typically weight loss programs focus on changes in eating and exercise behaviors. Davis, Martin, Rhode, Dutton, Redmann, Ryan, & Brantley (2006) established a weight management intervention for low income African-American women. They assessed whether a weight management program, addressing the needs of obese in low-income African-American women, would produce greater weight loss than standard medical care. They compared participants in a weight management program compared to those receiving treatment. Davis et al., (2006) found that after six months the women in the intervention group loss more weight compared to the women receiving standard treatment.
Lifestyle Enhancement for African American Women Population (LEAP) is a weight loss program that strives to help African American lose weight and manage their chronic illnesses. This program integrates a strong spirituality component, consisted of four major components: healthy eating, active living,…

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