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• Developing human resources in consonance with broader corporate horizon and long range vision of the organization.


Training & Development is an important link in improving the effectiveness of HRM so as to achieve high productivity, high job satisfaction, low employee turnover & low absenteeism.

Training & development plays a vital role in translating management philosophy in to reality. Training can be used as effective tool to obtain the desired results and proper training at all levels in the organization can greatly entrance the productivity levels.

Organization with well-defined training programs creates a positive work environment where there is a systematic learning and application in work place.


The terms “Training” & “Development” differ in the sense that while the purpose of training is to impart and thereby develop specific and useful knowledge, skills and techniques, the term development encompasses the entire process by which employees as individuals learn, grow and improve their abilities to successfully shoulder a wide spectrum of responsibilities inside & outside the organization

Training is an integral part of "Development" and hence both are related well. This is the reason why the individual training needs are integrated with the organizational needs while the training programs are charted out.

The Training Function and

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