Essay on Effectiveness Of The Ranking Method

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Ranking Method
The ranking method consists of a superior ranking his or her workers based on merit, from best to worst. It assesses the working performance of employees from the highest level to the lowest level. In this method the employees are compared to one another instead of the supervisor making comparisons of each employee with some certain standards. The limitations of the ranking method is that it does not tell how much better or worse one is than another or that person is the best, with varying behavioral traits, and it is very difficult to compare one individual with others, it is difficult ranking individuals when a large number of employees are being rated. However, it is easy to administer and explain. There are actual two types of ranking methods, individual ranking method and group ranking method. With the individual ranking method, only one employee is assumed to be the best. The advantages of the individual ranking method are it is easy to understand and use, it is easy to compare job performance, and it saves money and time. The disadvantages of the individual ranking method are it is not easy to practically compare each of the employees and for large organizations, it is not applicable. The group order ranking method consists of supervisors serially classifying the employees into different groups. It has been designed to prevent supervisors from clustering their employees at the high end of the scale. The group order ranking method is the improved…

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